Monday, June 25, 2007

Mayor Jacques Roy 'State Of The City' Address June 25, 2007

alexandria, la mayor jacques roy 'state of the city' address of monday 25 june 2007 --public domain video--

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

City of Alexandria Council & Committees Meeting June 19, 2007

utility committee meeting -marcus connella goes over a new policy that the city council implemented in the citys rates for its electricity.

at 11m:30s: personnel/insurance committee - reverend victor white, sr. about the renting of the bolton avenue community center. city employees health insurance.

at 47:28 public safety/transportation - heard from the administration on the citys vehicle policy. acknowledged and memorialized the nine dead fire-fighters at charleston, south carolina and gave the city's fire-fighters a big round of applause.

at 1:02:34 economic development - down town mini-park fountain, government access channel: lamar white putting together something on paper. planning for local schools to use equipment. councilman lawson wants "take it to a new level" no more "blue screens" councilman lawson says he wants to "see a very, very aggressive approach to utilizing this government access channel [pause] i want to reiterate, use that correctly, there are restrictions that we defiantly need to make sure, that we adhere to, with this channel..." next thing councilman fowler brings up broadcasting the 12 june 2007 special council meeting -- councilman lawson explains it all away that they dont have a policy on broadcasting special city council meetings. councilman lawson says that "we must be consistent" since the city doesn't broadcast or have a policy on broadcasting special city council meetings.

councilman lawson says that broadcasting a special city council meeting would be "inconsistent."

mayor roy says that he will make a transcript available of the meeting in question.

at 1:15:00 city council meeting where councilman fowler's motion to broadcast on public access channel the special as well as regular city council meetings died for want of a second from councilmen everett hobbs, louis marshall and roosevelt johnson.

Alexandria, La. City Council Meeting June 19, 2007

--public domain video-- the 19 june 2007 meeting of the alexandria, la city council, including committee meetings, as taken from public access channel 4

this video is in the public domain! please download and broadcast as you see fit.

Fowler's Motion Clip: Alexandria, La. City Council Meeting June 19, 2007

councilman fowler makes a motion to place all council action on public access television however the motion dies for lack of a second.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Special 'Banned By The Alexandria City Council' Meeting 12 June 2007 FULL

--public domain video-- special meeting of the alexandria, louisiana city council. released by the city of alexandria, louisiana, on friday ... 15 june 2007, under the provisions of the louisiana public records law, LSA-R.S. 44:1 et seq. pursuant to the public records request of gregory r. aymond, esq. greg aymond's blog is at:

on 19 june 2007 the public rebroadcast of this video was banned by the alexandria, louisiana city council by the action of namely, councilmen: everett hobbs, louis marshall & roosevelt johnson. these three councilmen working together with several other councilmen including myron lawson suggest a conspiracy to (among other things) violate the louisiana open meetings law to ban you from seeing this video.

this video is in the public domain! you're encouraged to download it and broadcast it as you see fit...

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